Ways and extent did constitutional and social developments 1

The new document, the Constitution, was completed September 17,and was officially adopted March 4, This was arguably the case in the United States with respect to slavery and equal protection. Disputes between different jurisdictions are resolved by the courts.

They have been aimed at overturning the inequalities of pre-independence social practices. The first one is the secession ofwhich was a constitutional development. In what ways did developments in transportation bring about economic and social change in the United States in the period.

Evaluate the extent to which the Articles of Confederation were effective in solving the problems that confronted the new nation. Board of Education, whose innovative interpretation of the equal protection clause arguably changed or replaced the original understanding of the notion.


Much has been written about the frontier from the point of view of border warfare and the chase, but as a field for the serious study of the economist and the historian it has been neglected. The recommendatory act of Congress reads thus: Thus, the very idea of a Bill of Rights was irrelevant because the Articles did not entail a government over individuals.

Constitutional and social development between 1860 and 1877 that amounted to a revolution

According to Waldron and his fellow democratic critics, constitutional review under an entrenched charter or bill of rights is fraught with both theoretical and practical difficulty. Focus your answer on the period between and Before long he has gone to planting Indian corn and plowing with a sharp stick, he shouts the war cry and takes the scalp in orthodox Indian fashion.

The Living Tree, Cambridge: That constitutional limits can sometimes be avoided or interpreted so as to avoid their effects, and no recourse be available to correct mistaken interpretations and abuses of power, does not, then, imply the absence of constitutional limitation.

These state constitutions displayed a remarkable uniformity. Despite their lack of accountability, these judges are assigned the task of providing authoritative answers to the deeply controversial questions of political morality that arise under constitutional review and with respect to which there is so much deep disagreement.

Why, despite the existence of seemingly obvious counter-examples, might someone be led to think that constitutional norms must be written rules, as opposed to more informal conventions or social rules.

Similar things will be true of an originalist whose principal focus is original public understanding: Indeed, Mason's opposition nearly blocked ratification by Virginia. Yet people invariably have different things in mind even when they agree on a constitutional text.

Howard Christy gives this central signing honors in his commemoration of the Constitution. Rhode Island held out untilwhen its position as a small and weak state hedged in by a large and powerful republic became untenable.

The high quality of the delegates to the convention eased the way to compromise. Decisions handed down by the Supreme Court over the course of two centuries have confirmed and strengthened this doctrine of constitutional supremacy. Roosevelt's administration to the problems of the Great Depression.

In document I the picture shows that this is worse than slavery because of the Ku Klux Klan and the White League made it hard for them and the freedmen had no rights.

Compare the motives and effectiveness of those opposed to the growing power of the national government in TWO of the following: We avoid this result, according to those whose espoused the fixed view, to the extent that we are able to replace controversial moral and political questions with historical questions about the intentions of constitutional authors in creating what they did, or about how the language they chose to express a constitutional requirement was publicly understood at the time it was chosen.

The people who were empowered by the Constitution in the 18th century to elect and control their central government represented different origins, beliefs, and interests.

In most constitutional democracies, the judges who ultimately decide constitutional cases are appointed, not elected.

In President Andrew Johnson was impeached over issues relating to the proper treatment of the defeated Confederate states following the American Civil War. Long before independence was declared, the colonies were functioning governmental units, controlled by the people. With the Connecticut Compromise in place, the delegates turned from the question of structure to the question of national and state powers.

Between and in the US, transportation developmentssparked economic growth because people had much more freedom tomove, essentially. This she exercises directly via the ballot box and by whatever contributions to public discourse and debate about controversial issues she chooses to make. To what extent did economic and political developments as well as assumptions about the nature of women affect the position of American women during the period ?

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For whom and to what extent was the American West a land of opportunity from to ? Although the constitutional changes in England during the eighteenth century, including the further development of Parliamentary sovereignty, vitally affected the relationship between the colonies and the home-country, yet they failed to influence in any marked degree purely colonial constitutional development.1 From the early eighteenth.

AP Compare and contrast the ways in which economic development affected politics in AP To what extent was the United States Constitution a radical departure from the AP To what extent and in what ways did the roles of women change in American. AP In what ways did the early nineteenth-century reform movements for abolition and women's rights illustrate both the strengths and the weaknesses of democracy in the early American republic?

AP To what extent did the natural environment shape the development of. To what extent and in what ways did the "domino theory" accurately account for American foreign policy in the immediate post-World War 2 period?

3. Describe containment and the bipolar vision of the world that dominated American foreign policy from through at least the s. • How and to what extent specific factors such as commerce/mercantilism, religion, geographic setting, population diversity, and cultural perspectives helped lead to the political, social and economic development of North American colonies.

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