Responce to romiette and julio

How can a move like that affect the life of a teenager. They learn that they go to the same school and meet face to face despite what their friends say about the dangers of the internet.

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Julio had no say in the decision to move from Texas to Ohio. What are they gonna do to us. I am relating the two novels because in both situations, there are good and bad. Activities and Research You are a reporter at one of the following scenes.

The Devildogs target the couple because of their interracial friendship. She admits that she really likes Julio, that he is not like the other guys at her school.

When Julio gets home that afternoon, he logs into a chatroom with the screen name "spanishlover" and starts to chat anonymously with "afroqueen," who he later finds is Romiette. I even like the sound of her voice--a little low and full of secrets. By using comparisons, the things you describe should be clearly illuminated to your reader.

Sixteen year old Julio Montague is a Mexican teenager who has just moved to Cincinnati. What is dangerous about such a relationship. Julio has moved from Corpus Cristi to Cincinnati and he is angry about it. The father is worried about his daughter and blames Julio for her disappearance.

Julio tells his parents about the relationship, and although his mother, Maria, approves, his father, Luis, dislikes his son dating an African American girl because his first girlfriend was killed by gang members who were African American.

The search for Romiette and Julio The trial of the Devildogs and Malaka The school board meeting as they discuss gangs in the school Investigate teen Internet sites.

How is he different. Discuss the character of Malaka and her relationship with Romiette and the gang. Investigate all the possible occupations associated with creating a television news show--producing, directing, writing, managing, etc. Double-Entry Journals. Print a Graphic Organizer.

Word Doc ( KB) PDF ( KB) A completed example ( KB) Background. The Double-Entry Journal strategy enables students to record their responses to text as they read. Students write down phrases or sentences from their assigned reading and then write their own reaction to that passage.

The. "This site is so helpful! You have opened my eyes to learning thank you!". Romiette and Julio Respond to Chapters 37–45 1. Personal Response Romiette and Julio are afraid to report the incident in London Woods.

Romiette and Julio

Do you think their reaction is similar to the way most people would react? What would you do? 2. Summarize Romiette and Julio refuse to obey the Devildogs’ warnings to stop seeing each other. We can help you find Romiette Cappelle and her best friend, Destiny, decide to order The Scientific Soul Mate System from the back of Heavy Hunks magazine, they're not sure what they're getting into.4/5(51).

In Romiette and Julio, Julio is the guy and vise verse. When did the play Romeo and Juliet come out? It was first printed inbut it must have been performed before that, possibly for a year.

Romiette and Julio love each other so much that they decided to confronted the Devil Dogs. That leads Romiette and Julio to a life and death situation.

In Shakespear's version, both character family are enemies from generation. Both families want Romeo and Juliette to separate from each other.

Responce to romiette and julio
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