Population explosion and social problems economics essay

This paper used twenty-one years annual data from to Poverty is the biggest hallmark we see when talking about overpopulation. It is possible for a sparsely populated area to become densely populated if it is not able to sustain life.

This study finds the broad set of methodological factors explaining the variation in population growth by the time series data sets. More population will provide them with more workers.

High Fertility rate harms the health of the mothers and children, increases the health risk of pregnancy and child mortality rates. Because most of the least-developed countries blamed population growth as a hurdle for their underdevelopment not considered their inherent old prevailing problems.

In the developed countries, the primary causes of death are environmental hazards and harmful lifestyles rather than infectious diseases which spread in less developed countries. Talking about overpopulation shows that while there are many factors that can increase the death rate for short periods of time, the ones that increase the birth rate do so over a long period of time.

In the past fifty or so years, the growth of population has boomed and has turned into overpopulation. According to this argument, though rapid population growth rates results in additional demand for clothing, food, shelter, social services like education and health and growing employment opportunities.

The Green Revolution in different parts of the world helped in greater production of productive cereal but till today, stabilised population remains an issue of great concern.

Their study found that population distribution explains as much as 1. The above-mentioned features of fertility reduction policies have been instituted in many countries: Causes of Overpopulation Decline in the Death Rate: The stress is on preventive activities and integrating health care into the social and cultural framework.

In the USA, there is no specific population policy but there are immigration laws and laws which have demographic implications. But the current rate of population growth seems to have outdone all the biological checks. Nusrat and Arif analyzed the effect of human capital on economic development for the economy of Pakistan for the time period Without clean water, good health is not a viable option.

There are also problems with location of arable land with regard to proximity to countries and relative population Bashford One of them might be to waive of certain part of income tax or lowering rates of income tax for those married couples who have single or two children.

He concludes that up to some extent population growth is good but large population puts pressure on resources within the economy. Illiteracy and ignorance are still rampant Bog families still carry prestige with them. Therefore, Global Footprint Network and its partner organizations have engaged with national governments and international agencies to test the results — reviews have been produced by France, Germany, the European Commission, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Derek and Andrew through regression analysis conclude that the impact of population growth varies between being negative, positive and insignificantly different from zero.

There exists a positive relationship between Economic growth and Investment level. Family planning schemes should be made popular. Families that are facing a hard life and choose to have four or five children should be discouraged.

But an increase in fertility levels has been favoured by France, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece and Luxembourg among other countries. Population policies in developed countries have given importance to factors like achieving a net reproduction rate of less than unity.

But people cannot be forced to adopt this as it was dome during him emergency period. Spatial Distribution of Population:. The rapid increase in world population, which involves a demand for more food, has brought its own problems in the world.

The Green Revolution in different parts of the world helped in greater production of productive cereal but till today, stabilised population remains an issue of great concern.

One billion people, one-seventh of the world's population, or one-third of urban population, now live in shanty towns, which are seen as "breeding grounds" for social problems such as unemployment, poverty, crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, and other social ills.

Population Explosion: Problem, Reasons for Population growth, Solution, Essay

Introduction: Population explosion is not only a problem in India; it has reached a menacing proportion all over the world, especially in the poorer countries. The population of India was around million during the census of It reached over billion during the census of The excess increase in population is called population lanos-clan.com poses an enormous problem for the Indian economy.

The present people of our country is about billion, and it is the second in the world, the first being China, Every year number added to our society almost equals the total population of Australia. Overpopulation occurs when a species' population exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecological niche.

It can result from an increase in births (fertility rate), a decline in the mortality rate, an increase in immigration, or an unsustainable biome and depletion of resources. [1]. Different schools of thoughts in economics have analyzed the relationship between population growth and economic development.

What is Overpopulation?

The debate on the relationship was pointed in .

Population explosion and social problems economics essay
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Essay on Population Growth: Measures and Approaches