Moudule 9 and 10 reflection journal

This provides additional flexibility in scheduling and process equipment logistics.

Moudule reflection journal

Viewed in this light, it may also be seen that their features are advantageous in sequential processing. Processing continues in this fashion, wafer by wafer, until all the wafers inside the vacuum wafer carrier 10 or at least as many of them as desired have been processed.

This means that, in this embodiment, the 3 pins 50 on the transfer arm 28 do not define a circle of the same diameter as the diameter of the wafer 48 to be handled. It can also be seen that the base plate includes substantial spaces around the edge of the ground electrodewhich provide a passage from the gas feed ports FIG.

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It may be seen from the detailed descriptions below that most of the different functions available can be installed merely by making replacements in the wafer susceptor and related structures--i.

Under typical RIE operating conditions 10 to microns of pressure, and to watts of applied power the generated plasma will fill the chamber between the powered electrode and the ground electrode fairly uniformly. Using the information learned in this course, explain three things you will not 1.

The vacuum load lock chamber 12 can now be pressurized again. An advantage of such embodiments is that, in the case of many possible mechanical malfunctions, the door of the vacuum wafer carrier 10 can be closed before attempts are made to correct the problem.

For example, these portions, which are the only portions of transfer arm 28 which actually touch the wafers being transported, can be made of a high-temperature plastic i. This also assures that, when the door 14 is opened, the location of the flat portion 56 on each wafer 48 is accurately known.

No servos or complex negative feedback mechanisms are needed. A process station which may optionally contain one process module or more than one process module has more than one load lock attached to it. Thus, the process gas distributor protrudes into the densest part of the plasma.

At that point the transfer arm 28 is returned empty to its home position and lowered below the lower edge of the door 14, and the isolation gate 31 over inter-chamber transfer port 30 is closed.

Thus, the use of slots 17, ears 16, and pins 21 bring carrier 10 and chamber 12 into alignment or mechanical registration. Screw passes through threads in sub-platform 42 to drive sub-platform 42 up or down dependent on the direction of rotation of the drive shaft of motor The capability for transferring wafers from one process chamber to another without breaking vacuum is enhanced by the modular compatibility of the below described embodiments.

The particulate density inside a conventional wafer carrier is typically quite high, due to this source of particulate. The adjacent processing chamber may be any one of many different kinds of process modules, for example, any processing module disclosed herein such as an implanter, a plasma etch.

Similarly, mechanical registration must be achieved between the home position of the transfer arm 28 and the 3 pins 50 or other support configuration which the wafer will be docked to inside the processing chamber. These parameters can be changed if desired, but, if modified, they should be selected so that diffusion of process gases and process gas products from the gas feed ports in the process gas distributor provides: Thus, particulates are not only an extremely important source of loss in integrated circuit manufacturing yields, but their importance will increase very rapidly in the coming years.

The teachings of the present application are applicable to both plasma and RIE etching as conventionally distinguished, although some of the several features taught by the present application are more advantageous in the context of RIE etching processes. When the vacuum wafer carrier 10 is docked with the position registration platform 18, the door 14 will also be engaged with the top of door opening shaft These wafer stages can be three pin supports similar to pins 53 or two ledge supports, or may have other mechanical configurations as long as there is space underneath the supported wafer for the transfer arm 28 to lower free of the wafer and retract after it has placed the wafer on the supports.

One of the major sources of particulate contamination is human-generated, including both the particles which are released by human bodies and the particles which are stirred up by equipment operators moving around inside a semiconductor processing facility front end.

Which mechanical part or feature listed in Module 9 do you think is most important. This is the leftmost position of the three positions of arm 28 shown in FIG. To assure that the flat portion 56 FIG. This is advantageous for some processes since raising the temperature of the distributor will further reduce deposition on it.

The tubular support 46 is fixed to arm support The rotatable transfer arm support 44 is connected to to be driven by a rotating rod not shown within tubular support A vacuum-isolated microscope objective lens will permit inspection of wafers in vacuum and using an appropriately folded optical path in a face-down position.

The load lock lid 20 can have a window not shownto permit inspection of any possible mechanical jams. Generally, larger diameter wafers will have greater thicknesses, but vacuum wafer carrier 10 of this kind is suited to use with such larger diameter wafers, since the size of the vacuum wafer carrier 10 and the center spacing of the ledges 60 inside the vacuum wafer carrier 10 can simply be adjusted appropriately.

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This advantage of simple control is achieved in part because good control of mechanical registration is achieved. Note that vacuum gauges 62 FIG. that The weather is partly cloudy and This increase could be due to the reflection of light from the sky, the clouds and the ground.

Fig.9 and Fig shows daily performance of PV systems Equipped whit one axis tracker and fixed PV in March. Jan 29,  · A method for deposition of silicon oxide on a wafer in a process chamber, comprising the steps of: (a) generating free radicals from nitrous oxide gas in a plasma generating chamber remote from the process chamber.

A small wearable recall device is provided to capture images triggered by a combination of a detection of a capture condition (e.g., changes in motion, temperature or light level) followed by a relatively stable period, as detected by an accelerometer. By triggering on the combination of a detected capture condition followed by a detected stability condition, a clearer image of the environment.

Students review their work on the Unit 1 Pre-Assessment and complete a self-reflection sheet The teacher leads the first problem string of the year, and students continue to work on the baseball during the lesson You will need 8–10 sheets of grid paper.

Jan 10,  · “The new Level 2 course lasts 10 days over three different blocks of learning and has been re-shaped to better reflect what’s required to coach specifically within youth football.

It combines content from the existing FA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football, with elements of The FA Youth Award Modules 1 & /5(12). Stage 5 (Years 9–10) Major Work journal Major Work Reflection Statement Glossary Version log English as a Second Language Version log.

Moudule 9 and 10 reflection journal
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