Compare and contrast the work of harry harlow and mary anisworth on understanding attachment essay

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While importance of experiments of Harlow and Ainsworth might be argued as useful, here we are, learning about them, discussing them and looking for reasons why it is important what they have achieved.

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What are attachment and bonding in infancy and childhood?

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Comparing and Contrasting the Work of Harry Harlow

In phase 2, eight- to twelve-week-old infants show the ability to discriminate the caregiver from others but exhibit no preferential behavior toward the caregiver. After a year Fred and his wife and child are starving. He included Cooper and Irving in this tradition and wrote that 'melancholy and pathos, without the humor, are the springs on which all Longfellow's lines are set moving'.

She had for my seat to end it. To compare and contrast will be to emphasise the similarities and differences of both Harlow and Ainsworth’s work on understanding attachment, to which they have both made great contribution.

Attachment refers to the mutually affectionate developing bond between a mother and any other caregiver (Custance ). In a study of mother-infant attachment security, researchers found that babies were more likely to show evidence of disorganized attachment if they spent more than 60 hours per week in non-maternal care (Hazen et al ).

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Compare and contrast the work of harry harlow and mary anisworth on understanding attachment essay
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Review and Criticisms of Attachment Theory