Athletes and domestic violence

I think few entities in the country that have the ability—both financially and in terms of impact—to accomplish a thing like that. As a league, we must have a continued focus on the needs of victims and families; among other things, we must encourage victims and those who observe such misconduct to come forward, to report offenses, and to seek help.

In the wake of the Ray Rice backlash, Commissioner Goodell made a number of changes, including to personnel, policy and procedure. Not only should the NFL consider reports and evidence provided to it by law enforcement, but it should conduct comprehensive interviews of the involved parties, as well as teammates and coaches.

Comparatively, professional baseball and hockey players clocked average arrest rates of andrespectively, over the same period. A woman alleged that King and his friend, Arthur Lee Denson-Holmes, drugged her and raped her in a North Charleston, South Carolina apartment despite her cries to stop the sexual assault.

District Judge Barbara S. Some athletes develop a sense of entitlement as their fame grows. The NBA also lacks a specific domestic violence policy but does have policies regarding violent misconduct and unlawful behavior — though suspensions have been rarely meted out.

Department of Justice reports that nearly one in four American women have experienced domestic violence, and, on average, more than three women are murdered by their intimate partners in the United States every day. There are significant odds that work against rape victims, especially those who are raped by professional athletes.

That compares with the InEric Foster of the Indianapolis Colts was accused of sexual assault by a year old hotel clerk who claimed Foster confined her in a hotel room and had sex with her against her will, hours before the AFC Championship game.

It's difficult to know for sure. For instance, the charges against DeAndre Liggins of the Oklahoma City Thunder were ultimately dropped, despite his being arrested for two counts of kidnapping, two counts of domestic violence and battery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of domestic abuse in the presence of a minor and one count of violating a protective order.

The primary evidence is, of course, the victim herself.

Athletes and domestic violence

Abrams said a contributing factor to domestic violence among football players may be that they are desensitized to physical conduct because it's "part of what they do all the time. Prosecutors indicated that he attacked his wife five times in andin one incident pushing her against a wall and choking her after she asked him to stop smoking marijuana in front of their children.

Athletes, domestic violence and the hurdle of indifference

He was publicly accused of sexual assault by a woman in Nevada—the prosecutor declined to press charges on her behalf, so she initiated a civil suit. The MLB Basic Agreement does not specifically prohibit a double penalty, but it is a moot point for the purposes of this article; neither MLB nor any of the MLB clubs punished a player for domestic violence or sexual assault from According to the testimonyMayweather hit them both announced after following them outside the club, then.

Athletes and domestic violence

However, only some teams have moved forward with establishing those relationships. This is how most cases of domestic violence go when the perpetrator is a celebrity, especially an athlete.

This is as true now as it was in or We, as fans, consume these cases as fans. In cases of sexual abuse or domestic violence, according to the player code of conduct, players must be evaluated by a neutral expert – though they can be separately disciplined.

Without Consequence: When Professional Athletes Are Violent Off the Field B ethany P. Withers (HLS ’10) examines league treatment of MLB, NBA, and NFL players who have been accused of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Dec 31,  · The pro athletes and their money can often buy their way into probation or a short sentence, just by getting a high-priced lawyer. The double standard for pro athletes. Combat sports athletes such as MMA fighters, boxers and wrestlers are especially sensitive to the topic of domestic violence as it has a greater tendency to reflect poorly on sports that are already considered “violent” and sometimes controversial.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, SEXUAL ASSAULT, AND ELITE ATHLETES 3 Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Elite and Athletes: Analyzing Arrest and Conviction Rates Throughout America, the evidence of rape culture is omnipresent.

From even before birth, boys are expected to be dominant members of society while women are expected to be the submissive gender.

Athletes and domestic violence
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Athletes, domestic violence and the hurdle of indifference in the wake of the OJ Simpson trial