9 similarities and differences in the european colonies in north and south america

There are also tiger crossings alternating yellow and black stripes to allow cyclists to cross without dismounting, and of course, the zebra crossing.

The differences in colonization: British, French, Spanish, Portuguese?

The encomienda system, which made native subjects an asset, and placed natives under the control of ex-soldiers, combined with a Catholic desire to protect the natives and a general lack of Iberian women led to a mixed population.

It is a fascinating and dense book and I highly suggest it. Studying Africa through the Social Studies.

Top 10 differences between Europe and America

Another striking difference is that in mainland Europe, supermarkets are far fewer in number than in America, as a large number of Europeans still buy their food daily from markets in their towns or city centers again, this is probably no longer true of the United Kingdom.

English is spoken in most major cities and in the case of some people — like the Dutch, the English in Europe can be better than the English in England.

Because plantations were so much labor, they had more of a need for slaves.

Compare and contrast North American with Latin American slavery.

Both fo them were colonized by the European. It is in America and Australasia that British colonization took a whole new characteristic. In other territories, the colonial power identified agricultural products suitable for export to Europe. So it was run as a cash cow for the empire.

Prior tothe Europeaness of North and South America was not too different and the population of the Americas was definately to the south.

North Vs South Colonies

European plugs generally have two circular pins for inserting in to the socket though there are variations in almost all of the nations in Europewhile British and Irish plugs have three thick rectangular pins. The same situation happened in Australia and New Zealand. Agricultural Differences The geographical environment impacted the economy and agriculture of southern colonies.

As a result, fast food chains are not as popular in placed like France and Italy as they are stateside. Europeans have a diverse cultural history in their food and this is still obvious in every nation. In other words, Latin American colonialists recognized that there were different degrees of blackness and whiteness.

In Southern colonies, many people lived on large farms, known as plantations. Their culture and language have been influencing America even until now.

Of course, the British did their fair share of evangelism, so perhaps religion alone does not explain their behaviour as compared to the French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

In formal terms, the dominance of the Catholic Church in Latin America mitigated the harshest consequences of slavery. Day to Day While Americans and Europeans excluding the British drive on the same side of the road, there are still many different rules.

Meal Times and Etiquette Europeans are more likely to be found eating as a family around the dinner table than many Americans who prefer the convenience of eating in front of the television. French colonies were sparsely settled and were used mainly as ways to trade with the Indians for furs.

By contrast, Spanish colonies had big cities, large farms, mines, and other such things. The reason the north and south are separated is because they do have differences. While both the sets of colonies had diverse people, the Northern had many more immigrants and the kinds of immigrants coming to each were different.4/4(1).

Northern and Southern Colonies Differences The Northern and Southern Colonies of North America were politically, economically, and culturally very different from one another.

Major Differences Between the Colonies

The people of northern and southern colonies came to the new world for very different reasons and as time went on their differences would only grow. 9 Similarities And Differences In The European Colonies In North And South America The Major Differences in the Colonization of North and South America between the French, Spanish and English and Subsequent Civil Rights The Major Differences in the Colonization of North and South America between the French, Spanish and English and Subsequent Civil Rights.

Even in the twenty first. Transcript of Similarities and difference between North America and South. About North A. and South A. Difference between North America and South America They had lots of good that Europe needed like cotton. Both Both North America and South America was named after Amerigo Vespuci.

Africa and America have the similarities on what the same invaders wanted from them—the natural resouces. Both fo them were colonized by the European. Why did the European pick Africa and Ameica? For Africa, Colonial regimes concentrated on finding and exploiting the most profitable natural resources in each colony.

In mineral-rich colonies, the emphasis was placed on mining.

9 similarities and differences in the european colonies in north and south america
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Similarities and difference between North America and South by Samuel Kang on Prezi